Crown & Poetry – Ik Fariyaad (Prod. T.A.V)

Crown & Poetry – Ik Fariyaad (Prod. T.A.V)


Crown & Poetry another duo from Punjab Ludhiana in the underground scene. They are up with their new song “Ik Fariyaad” Produced by T.A.V, Crown & Poetry and T.A.V lastly worked in the year 2013 on the song “Sadi Chadai“. T.A.V is a multi talented man & founder of Artusion Records his latest & best work was in the song “Singha” Feat. Padam Syan & his best renowned work was in the song Who’s That, which featured some of the big Punjabi personalities like GD Singh & Harnav Bir Singh.

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Ik Fariyaad (Audio)
Artist – Crown & Poetry
Produced by T.A.V
Mixed & Mastered at Artusion Studios

Artwork by GPS Photography

Crown & Poetry –
T.A.V –