The Cosmics



The Cosmics are a duo of young rappers who also double as songwriters from New York;  the artists go by Rupee-G and Mib. Fans of rap music from young age, The Cosmics are one of the first duos rapping in Bengali and English from New York. Rupee G, the founder, grew up surrounded by music and  absorbed everything he heard. He quickly began writing his own songs at 14.

Rupee G met Mib through a friend and they found their taste and passion for music to be similar and they decided to work together. These two young artists compliment and contrast each other making fans rave about them from the start.

During the beginning of their career, The Cosmics focused on catering to their audience in Bangladesh and Bengalis around the world.

Their debut album, Bapre Bap, was produced by the recognized Bangladeshi producer Rajib Rahman ‘Double R’. They successfully released their album in Bangladesh through the label Core Entertainment.

The album delivered songs of depth, conflicts of Bangladesh and explicit desire references. They were praised for their nasal-voice, rapping style and the bluntly controversial nature of their lyrics. After the release of Bapre Bap, The Cosmics performed in various street fairs, cultural shows, charity events, college shows promoting their music.

Their style of music took turn about a year after the release of Bapre Bap when they met the well-known Producerm Singer, Songwriter Rated PG. Working with him, The Cosmics discovered their ‘new school’ style of music catered to a young and hip audience in America and around the world. Singles such as “She’s My Girlfriend,” “When I Saw You,” and “Dance All Night” got attention and grew their fan base via social networks.