Chee Malabar

Chee Malabar is one half of the Hipo-Hop outfit Himalayan Project and Oblique Brown. Unafraid to dispense social commentary that ranges from satirical to inflammatory, Chee Malabar represents the evolving voice of true school hip hop. Firmly planted in the American experience, his music speaks on the immigrant experience, love, relationships, politics, and art.

Having released “Wince At The Sun” in 2003 to heavy underground critical acclaim, Chee recently released the eponymous LP “Oblique Brown” and an EP entitled “Dust” with long time collaborator Zeeb. The album has received acclaim from Academia and the hip hop community and cited for its ability to navigate through the complex American narrative.
Chee continues to perform and speak at universities and colleges around issues of American identity and race. His lyrics and work are cited in a forthcoming book by Northwestern University professor Nitasha Sharma.

Most recently, he has completed an album with State Island native Ali Abidi. The album, ‘Burning Tire Artisan’ is an amalgam of the personal, the political, and is an astute look at the evolving American narrative. The full length album is available on itunes.