Cerebral Assassins & Adil Omar made one of the DOPEST music you will hear today!

Cerebral Assassins are one of the ILLEST, most skillful groups out there! And if anyone doubted them before, the crew proved their skills to the world today with their brand new single & video. I’ve been hooked ever since I first heard their music a while ago. I had Cerebral Assassins on repeat for a week straight when I heard their previous single – “Draft Day”. But this latest single, “CLUTCH”, had me awe-struck from the first second to the last! Each & every rapper makes their mark with their lyrical skills & dope flows. They make it seem soooo easy, and that’s true talent right there!

And what makes it even more awesome is the addition of Adil Omar to the whole mix. Adil takes over the mic and rips a new hole in there somewhere, spitting some raw rhymes which makes this song stand out from the rest! (Read More Below)

Watch the Video – Cerebral Assassins ft Adil Omar – CLUTCH

This is REAL Hip Hop. This is the kind of Hip Hop I grew up admiring. A nice, catchy, but simple beat, with rappers telling stories through poetry. This is what Hip Hop was meant to be. Hip Hop is not meant to be about “bling-a-lings”, or how many girls one has slept with. Hip Hop is a true art-form, and it’s as simple as poetry on a beat. Cerebral Assassins just proved the beauty of Hip Hop with this song, and it’ll surely be one that I won’t forget for a really long time!