Celestial Goes Hard On a Cypher

Celestial continues to represent the West Coast & the Desi Hip Hop community at a larger level in more ways than just his unique rap skills. The man is well known for his crazy freestyles, and fordropping immense heat on every track he’s on. Songs like Lifestyle Baby really expresses Celestial’s level of creativity. He’s definitely a poet in a rapper’s clothing. In this Freestyle video, he knocks the mic out with his verbal assault. And, I’m serious. He goes hard, and takes it to the next level, it’s a must watch!

Watch Celestial’s Talentbox Cypher

[youtube id=”ZYixu3oMMpE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

His single ‘Lifestyle Baby’ gained a lot of attention, and it was followed by a collaboration track with The Cosmics titled “One Day” which was extremely inspirational. I have seen his freestyle works of art in the past, and ran into this other video below, this one  literally merks anyone who would go against him. And yes, I’m serious, again! Go ahead, click play, you will not be disappointed!

Watch Celestial’s Dope Freestyle Skills

[youtube id=”pAxj5VJvNf8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]