Canadian Radio Channel (CHMR) Interviews R@PLU$T


Canadian Radio Channel (CHMR) Interviews R@PLU$T

canadian radio channel interviews raplust

In under a month’s time since R@PLU$T arrived in Canada, he got invited for the artist interview by the Canadian radio channel (CHMR). On September 25, 2015, R@PLU$T got interviewed for 1 full hour by the CHMR-FM RJ. Not only did the RJ interview R@PLU$T about his hip-hop journey but also played 2 of his songs (“My City, My Country!” and “The Journey“) which are aired on MTV INDIA and Pepsi MTV Indies often. This wasn’t a pre-recorded show but a LIVE show lasting 1 full hour. The RJ inquired about the hardships faced by R@PLU$T while achieving his Hip-Hop goals. R@PLU$T threw light on the insights of an Indian Underground Rapper hustle and about the Indie Hip-Hop scene. He later also appreciated artists such as – Brodha V, Rob C, NaeZy, and BK who are making the Indian Hip-Hop scene proud with their music and hustle.

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