Burban Vs Slaughterhouse? You decide.

As most of us have become aware of the wave of “Cyphers” seen on BET with DJ Premier with a slew of Hip-Hop’s biggest names, in steps the Burban Crew to show us that U.S. emcees aren’t the only ones who can drop a cypher.

The Burban Movement, short for Brown Urban, is the brainchild of U.K. Desi emcee Shizzio and the cypher consists of  RKZ, AC, Swami Baracus, Raxstar, & Shizzio with DJ Kami K on the decks.

The Burban name came about because Shizzio and other UK emcees were tired of being called Urban Desi, terminology used in media to signify Desis in anything other than Bhangra or Bollywood grouping Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B.  The Burban Cypher is a lot like the Slaughterhouse, Eminem, & Yelawolf Cypher with DJ Premier.


They both use the same instrumental, “Tried by 12” by East Flatbush Projects, an underground classic released in 1996 and both films shot in a similar way.  So what’s different? The emcees with their freestyles.

Who do you think is the best emcee individually?  Who do you think is better? Burban or Slaughterhouse?

We want to hear your thoughts and we also want to hear more cyphers from Desi Hip-Hop artists around the world!  US, Canada, India, Pakistan, BD where you at?!