Bohemia Releases Another New Track – “Main”


Bohemia‘s at it again. His latest song, titled ‘Main’ is a dope one, which almost sounds like he got in the booth, asked the producer to start the beat, and started freestyling!

The beat is so sick, it had me right from the get go. And, Bohemia’s verses are so mellow and chilled, that it instantly had me hooked. In fact, I’d love to play this in my car and go for a slow ride around the city, just to enjoy the bass, and the vocals. The hooks, too, are so mellow that it kind of gets me high to a point. I love the song’s simplicity – it’s literally poetry on a dope beat, and that’s what real Hip Hop was meant to be.


Bohemia is a really versatile artist who can rip up any beat. Earlier this year, he’s shown what he can do on Preet, Brand New Swag, and numerous other songs. Main is an exceptional song and I know for sure that there are a lot more coming from Bohemia really soon.

Listen to Bohemia – ‘Main’

Bohemia is an artist who connects with listeners from all over the globe. I personally know Bohemia fans who are from every walk of life. Americans – who grew up listening to a variety of genres, Bangladeshis – who may not always understand the language, Arabs – who love bumpin’ the beat and the vocals even when they may not understand the lyrics, Europeans – who know real Hip Hop from the fake. And, of course, he’s got fans all over India and Pakistan. This is what makes Bohemia a worldwide brand, and aids to his success. I can’t wait to hear more songs from Bohemia, which are set to release very, very soon!