Bohemia India Tour With Haji Springer 2015

Bohemia India Tour With Haji Springer 2015 – Exclusive Pictures & Footage!

Haji Springer Chillin with KDM Team In Delhi

Bohemia brought Haji Springer this year on his yearly India Tour & people were surprised to hear that news when it was officially announced by Bohemia. Below you will find the pictures of the Bohemia India Tour.

Tour Dates Release                      bohemia tour dates after first delhi show

Below are some of the pictures from the Delhi, Kurukshetra & Ghaziabad Show’s Bohemia & Haji Springer performed at.

bohemia delhi show pic bohemia Delhi Show Pic 2015 bohemia & Haji Springer delhi ghaziabad 2015

Bohemia & Sukhe Muzical Doctorz Together. Sukhe Giving Huge Respect to Bohemia.

Bohemia & Sukhe Muzical Doctorz Together


How News Media Reacted After 2 Successful Shows & Lots Of Requests From Bohemia’s Fans

12019946_10156002002670580_6290250424763273280_n      Bohemia Newspaper before Dehradun Event


Bohemia Live with Sukhe & Haji at Informal

Bohemia live with Sukhe & Haji at Informal             Informal Delhi Show Haji Springer

Check Out this Exclusive Footage of Bohemia Performing Taur Song


Aj mitran ne taur kaddi – #BohemiaLive #TeamBOHEMIAAj mitran ne taur kaddi – #BohemiaLive #TeamBOHEMIA

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