Bohemia is on Fire! Takes Shots at the Indian Rap Scene


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Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper has taken the Rap game to the streets of India! From city to city, he’s been on a whirlwind tour igniting the minds and hearts of real HipHop fans everywhere. Bohemia pioneered the evolution of HipHop in Bollywood with his CC2C collab with Akshay Kumar.

Lately there has been a lot of other artists also taking the Rap game to Bollywood – from Honey Singh to Raftaar to Badshah, Machas.With.Attitude & Brodha V. And much like the feuds between Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG or the West Coast and East Coast HipHop artists – we’ve all seen the tensions continue to rise between Bohemia and Honey Singh. Whether it’s the artists themselves or their fans talking smack, there is ‘clear and present danger’ on the streets.

Bohemia has taken it upon himself to show these kids what real Rap and real HipHop is all about. And trust us, he is no stranger to the streets. Growing up in Oakland, California – Bohemia is a thoroughbred rapper and Desi Hip-Hop artist – who will not hesitate for a minute to speak his mind. And oh boy does he…

I’ve been hearing some crappy ass shit coming out of India lately…My homies in California laugh at your ass!

Check out this latest clip of Bohemia getting fired up at one of his shows. The video doesn’t show exactly who he’s talking about, but I’m guessing most of you are engineers and can do the math!

It’s time to separate the boys from the men of the Rap game in India.  What are your thoughts?