Bohemia and DJ Nihal talk HipHop, Bollywood & Rooh

Bohemia on BBC Radio 1 with DJ Nihal – HipHop, Bollywood & Rooh

Bohemia is a straight shooter and DJ Nihal is not afraid to ask tough questions – you gotta respect that. When you ask HipHop artistsabout who inspires them, you usually get typical answers like Nas, Jay-Z, etc. Not Bohemia, he is inspired by ancient Urdu/Persian poetry, Ghazals and Qawwalis. This is why he as an artist and his musical works will stand the test of time and be regarded as “classics” in the years to come. Bohemia’s goal was never to go “Bollywood”, but to take the true essence of HipHop to India – and he’s sticking to it. Check out Nihal’s interview with Bohemia discussing HipHop, Bollywood & Rooh.

Check out “Rooh”, Bohemia’s latest single: