Blitzkrieg Features on Rana Sahota’s ‘Chargai Jawani’

Blitzkrieg has been busy promoting his solo music off his latest album Get Blitz, but there is a change in pace as Blitz heads to the Bhangra scene for a fresh feature on Rana Sahota’s new single “Chargai Jawani.”

Rana Sahota has Bhangra in his bloog as Palvinder Dhami is his uncle and H-Dhami his cousin. Rana made his debut back in 2009 and didn’t release his album till March 2011.

Stepping up his game, Rana has reached out to T-dot’s Blitz for a Hip-Hop edge a expanded fan base.

Did Blitz add to “Chargai Jawani?” We will really be able to tel on October 20 when the song hits iTunes.