Blazin Annex Slaps The Industry Back To Reality

Blazin Annex‘s latest single is a slap back to reality for most artists, specially those who are Bangladeshi Hip Hop artists. Their lyrical skills show clearly through every bar and every line of the song, and it’s about time we heard something this hard hitting. As the song progresses, they explain how the Hip Hop scene in Bangladesh went through some ups and downs, and that led to some ups and downs for artists as well. It’s definitely a song that cries out ‘real talk’ as it considers the content that comes out of some artists. A handful of artists do stay in a separate cloud blinded by fables and stories, however, surely, not all artists are that way and some do rap about real music that inspires the world. I found the song to be quite entertaining, and full of skillful lyrics and tight flows. With a dope beat, it all comes together as a good listen. Let us know what you think!

 Listen To Blazin Annex – Reality

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