The Bilz & Kashif’s Master-D Dropped A New R&B Banger & it’s Awesome!


The Bilz & Kashif rose to popularity ever since they teamed up together and dropped an album together titled ‘Breaking Barriers’. Since then, they’ve been actively working together, performing at shows, composing music together, the whole nine yards. After his immense success with The Bilz & Kashif touring the world with platinum selling hits and 3 international awards, Master-D ‘s “Aye Raat” track blends Bangla lyrics alongside Master-D’s signature urban sound.

Recently, The Bilz’s producer, Master-D, entered the world of Bengali R&B. He’s a great vocalist, and has shown his skills through numerous songs in the past. However, this new Bengali side of Master-D is interesting, and entertaining. The song also features talented New York based rapper, Nivla, and is about to set the tone for Master-D’s brand new highly anticipated solo album this year. Nivla showcased some dope skills as he rode the beat perfectly.

Check it out, and let us know what you think

Master-D Ft Nivla – Aye Raat

“I want to empower the Bangla community to be proud of their heritage and their culture. I want them to have someone to represent them worldwide” – Master-D

On the day of the release, Aye Raat gained over 1000 downloads within 24hrs creating a circulating buzz in the Bangla community, in addition, major radio stations taking notice of his movement.