BBoys Battle in India – SoulJam – A Jam To Die For!

soSoulJam, presented by is starting on February 24, 2013 at the Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai and will consist of Soul-O-Battle i.e One-One-One regular battles, set-up battles recurring twice a month. Other battles included are 7 to smoke / footwork battle / power move battle and some unique battles that will be conceived as the event goes along.The match-ups and opponents will change every session, the battles and winners will be recorded, and stipulation ranking will be in place for performances: hence, every battle will count. With this format bboys will have to consistently train to be able to surpass their own records at every SJ session they attend or participate in. As their records (ranking) grows, so will their worth as performers and names in the arena. This gives precedence to the fact that every chance is important and your 1stwin will be as important as your last. Register here if you think you got game!

Checkout BBoy Noodle our first guest bboy from the Gamblerz Crew, South Korea: