Bakshi Billa – Moneyspinner – Sir Janda Jaaveh

Bakshi Billa – Moneyspinner – Sir Janda Jaaveh (Official Video)

Bakshi Billa – Moneyspinner – Sir Janda Jaaveh

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Happy independence day? Wouldthe great Shaheeds (Martyrs) Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha & Udham Singh be celebrating India’s independence today?


These fearless revolutionaries fought and died for justice, equality, freedom and for a future country in which we could live with honour and dignity. The questions we must ask ourselves are, a hundred years on from the formation of the Gadars, have their sacrifices achieved the goals they set out to accomplish? Would Kartar Singh still happily give up his future for a country in which the politicians organise mass rape and murder of their own citizens? Would Udham Singh have travelled so far to London, or would he have travelled to Delhi in the footsteps of Satwant and Beant Singh and taken out the home grown tyrant sitting on a throne built on the sacrifices of the Sikhs? Would Bhagat Singh embrace death if he knew his own nephew would be beaten and killed by the Indian Police force with his sister crying tears of anguish and asking for justicefrom