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How Honey Singh Got His “YO YO”


It was a more than average day when I was chatting with DJ Karma from Delhi. Karma has been in the game for almost a decade and beyond. In our conversation, we spoke of how Honey Singh originated and how…

The Misguided Section Of Indian Rappers And The Bright Ended Tunnel


Hip Hop originated in America as a product of the oppression and racism towards the African-American community, which generated dialogue that can easily be mis-understood by other cultures. This has been observed in poetry across the world, across history, where Persian…

Who produced you? | The Un-Credited Controversy


“A Producer is a person who puts the money in the project” Unfortunately, that sentence is the perception that most people hold towards what the role of a producer in a project is. It is pathetic how narrow-minded and surface…

How Hip Hop lost its BLING!


The term ‘Bling‘ reached mainstream popularity in 1999, when the song “Bling Bling” by rap artist B.G. featuring the Cash Money Millionaires cracked the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, the chorus of the song featured a young Lil’ Wayne…

The Important Role Of Honey Singh In Desi Hip Hop


Yo Yo Honey Singh is a household name today in middle class, Bollywood-consuming India. Although his career has been tainted with controversies, he has unknowingly affected the geography and culture of Hip Hop in India. His  innocent contribution towards the popularization and…