Asher Ilyas decides to pick up the Qalam


Asher Ilyas is a man of few words and believed that his work does all the talking for him. It is based up on quality lyricism which now a days is missing from our industry. There are only a few people which he believes are doing it, He explained that QALAM means pen and the main message is that build power in that pen to write real things on paper because “no one is like you and you are the future“.

Asher Ilyas decides to pick up the Qalam

Q1. What is Asher Ilyas been upto ?

A1. I’ve been into some serious street poetry. I believe that i am a street poet, contributing to Hip Hop.

Q2. What is Qalam about ?

A2. ‘Qalam’ is urdu for a pen. This track depicts the power that a pen holds. The power of the mind and thoughts brought forward in a poetic form through a pen. Signifies the power of Qalam i.e. a pen.

Q3. Are you working on new music in the form of singles or mixtapes ?

A3. Yes. a lot of new music is being worked on. Many new ideas, in the form of mixtapes and singles.

Q4. What do you think about Desi Hip Hop ?

A4. Desi hip hop provides me with a platform to be recognized. All i want is the recognition. The work i do represents me. Its potent i believe. Would be enough to leave a mark on word.

Q5. Any message for the listeners ?

A5. The music we make itself is the message. No other message required.

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