Aryan Bahnewaal – Love Machine FT. R B Robo


R B Robo love machine Aryan Bahnewaal love machine

Love Machine is an concept written by upcoming artist Aryan Bahnewaal & R B Robo, produced by URBAN BLUE Production. Aryan Bahnewaal (Singer) is a fresh artist and this is the first song ever done by him. The Rapper – R B Robo had done some songs earlier in his carrier. The Music and Video of the song is also produced at URABN BLUE STUDIO by the production owner Vishal Kumar. Music is composed and mixed-mastered by Vishal Kumar and the concept of video is founded by Vishal and Deepak Kumar.

Love Machine – Directed by Vishal Kumar
Aryan Bahnewaal (Singer)
R B Robo (Rapper – Lyrics)

URBAN BLUE Production –
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Vishal Kumar –
Music – (Music Producer – Sound Engineer – Guitarist)
Video – (Director – D.O.P. – Editor – Screenplay – Photographer)

Deepak Kumar –
Video – (Art Director – D.O.P. – Assistant Director – Photographer)