Arrows – Rebel Of KhanArtists


Recently we got our hands on a song that’s so smooth that I had it on repeat for days before posting it. Sometimes, it’s nice to feel like I’m the only one in the world (other than the artists themselves) listening to something exclusive before we give it away to the masses, and this was one of those times!

Rebel of KhanArtists laced the song with his soft-spoken vocals as a singer and as a rapper. He sings like a pro, almost like a combination of Staind (you don’t know Staind, you say? Were you under a rock in 2007?) mixed with Jal, with a touch of “sadness”. He did a great job on the music composition as well, and overall, I’d say this is a great song to listen to.

Check it out, share your thoughts on this talented Desi artist from New York.

Listen to Arrows by Rebel of KhanArtists