Arnie B – Ferrari Jaisi Car


ISR PRESENTS “Ferrari Jaisi Car” with Arnie B ft. The Governor, DJ Blitz, Miss Anonymous. You gotta watch this freakin’ hilarious video!

Here’s the plot: Artist Arnie B. Mohan is a computer nerd but being a complete dork doesn’t stop him from trying to get the attention of women who are clearly out his league. He’s also an aspiring songwriter who dreams of becoming a star. Anya is a pretty girl who Mohan meets and falls with. Contrary to what one would expect , she reciprocated Mohan’s love. This gives insight into one of her key character traits- she is someone who is attracted towards inner warmth and affection rather than outer physical traits or materialistic needs. When Mohan’s song that he wrote for Anya becomes a viral hit, there is a noticeable transformation in his character. he becomes who the world knows as Arnie B. However with fame glamor and a busy music career consuming his life he is unable to focus as much attention to Anya, who grows disillusioned with the relationship.