AO releases his ‘Hottest’ music video to date! “What It Is”

AO’s back! Last week we posted a sneak peak into his latest music video, and we had a feeling that it was going to be a pretty crazy video. Now, the video just got released, and our speculations were right. Team AO released the hottest music video they could possibly think of! And I’m serious, there’s enough eye candy in this video to make you wanna stop doing anything else you’re doing, and light up a couple of candles, just to enjoy the sexy visuals. Trust me, you’re gonna need to smoke some after this!

Apart from that, the song’s catchy with a hook that makes you bob your head to it repeatedly. And, as usual, AO dropped some killer rap verses to make the song stand out. Altogether, it’s a great listen, and one for all your playlists! Take a look, share your thoughts, enjoy!

AO – What It Is – Official Music Video