AO’s New Video is an Eye Opening look at Poverty


Imagine having to beg for food every single day, and pray that you find a safe place to sleep at the end of the night. Imagine having to walk all over your city with no shoes, and torn clothes. Imagine being thirsty, and imagine standing by the street watching another child sitting in a car drinking his Pepsi and causing mayhem with his parents just because they didn’t switch on the air conditioning in the car. Well, this is the harsh reality faced by MILLIONS in the world today. Especially in the part of the world that Desis come from.

“Cuz we blessed with opportunities theyll never see // i know they got potential just like you me // id love to hear their thoughts on who theyd like to be // i cant imagine how it be like beggin on the streets”- AO

AO, the West Coast Desi Rapper who’s been working hard to accomplish his dreams for quite some time, just dropped a song that will get you thinking about the privileges you have in your own life. His brand new single & music video is a careful depiction of the hardships faced by the millions of impoverished people of world. He was inspired to record this song when he visited India and noticed the disparity between the ones who have everything in contrast to the ones who have absolutely nothing. A trip like that is definitely eye opening… [Continued Below]

Watch AO’s “Pound Cake” Freestyle

This is pretty much the BEST Remix of Drake & Jay Z’s “Pound Cake” I’ve ever heard. Just, FYI.

Sadly, numerous countries in South Asia face these very issues that AO talks about. Whether it’s India, or Pakistan, or Bangladesh, or Sri Lanka, or Burma. The poor people in our lands don’t start from the “ghetto”. They start from the slums, without any way of getting out. It’s heart breaking to see children beg for a few Rupees when the rest of us enjoy blowing Dollars at the local hang out place every weekend. This has to STOP!

The only way we can make the world look for solutions to such problems of humanity is by bringing it to attention. We cannot ignore these issues any more. By doing so, we are standing by and watching our people slowly die away. Every human life is valuable, and if we use whatever we have to take back the control and help at least one impoverished person with his/her life, we can contribute to changing the futures of our children.

I admire how AO used the power of Hip Hop to start the conversation. What will you do for your people?