AO Drops A Special #FathersDay Video



Dads are special people. What they do defines the lives of their kids. My dad, for instance, worked his butt off as an orphan. That particular story always reminds me that I have it so good that I should actually never complain about my little problems (yet, I do!) For AO and his brother, Shay, the story is somewhat similar. Their dad left everything he had in India and emigrated to the United States at a tender young age. Since then, it was all hustle and no play, to raise a family and make their dreams come true.

To pay homage to his dad, AO just released an exclusive music video for his dad, and for all of our dads, on #FathersDay. The video is a chilling reminder of the sacrifices made by our parents to raise us. It’s an emotional video which goes back in time to tell his dad’s story – if he doesn’t tell his dad’s story, who will, right? Right. AO did just that on Shay’s beat to create something special that we will all surely remember on this #FathersDay. AO goes on to express that he owes his success in life to his father. Who do YOU owe your success to? Share your thoughts and tweet us with #IOweItTo and let us know who you owe it all to

Watch AO x Shay On The Beat – #IOweItTo | #FathersDay Exclusive