Another Dope Cypher Session from Bangladesh

We’ve already seen a lot of freestyle cypher sessions come out of every part of Asia. Rappers in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, have been working hard to get themselves heard. And these cypher sessions are so enjoyable that I won’t ever get bored of them!

In this particular freestyle, the artists collaborated nicely to put it all together. The artists involved are Punksta, V X EL , Zaki Ahmad, Ozzy, & Shib-Z under DEAD UNIT Records. They all went hard, and showcased their talents. The last verse, by Shib-Z, turned out to be my favorite. He sounds like the Desi version of Twista with his sick flow! The song doesn’t seem like it’s a real freestyle cypher session, but that’s alright. Even the cyphers shown at the BET Hip Hop Awards aren’t real freestyle sessions. It’s all good as long as the rappers can express themselves, and entertain the listeners while they are at it. And, I do believe these rappers achieved that.

Watch The Rated-R Cypher – Punksta , V X EL , Zaki Ahmad , Ozzy & Shib-Z