Towfique of Rajotto drops tribute for the Bangladesh Cricket Team

RAJOTTO ”  a very well-known mainstream  hiphop crew from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Towfique A.K.A ck toff usually goes by the name charonkobi Towfique. Faisal Roddi and Towfique together formed the crew.  Since the beginning,  they were all about Bangla Rap songs,  which usually known as Khepa Gaan  in Bengali language. Towfique has brought a brand new type of rapping style in the  bengali hip-hop industry by using versatility thru the language. He has an unique way of writing his lyrics which makes each and every single songs much more powerful and sensible to all listeners. He’s essentially a poet, and his poetry can be easily noticed through his music. Faisal Roddi and Towfique was able to show people that rap could be such a way where you really can show your emotions and patriotism thru music. Real Hip Hop really is one that uses poetry on a beat to express one self. Towfique did just that in his latest single ” AMI BANGLADESH ”

Watch Ami Bangladesh by Towfique 

Ck toff  said,  since he is a crazy fan of Bangladeshi cricket team, it’s time to show some appreciation to them.  This track actually goes by BD cricket theme song.  You can feel his fast flow,  the depth of his lyricism and the love and respect the tried to show  for the tiger team of Bangladesh.  If you don’t get the language,  don’t you worry,  he’s got English subtitles in the video as well.

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Cricket TeamSong: Ami Bangladesh

Singer: Towfique & Faisal Roddy
Music: Lmg beats [ Shuvro & Nabil]
Tune: Nabil
Lyrics: Towfique
Background Vocal: Nabil
Studio: Huez Studio
Video Production: Redmark Production
Editor: Rakib Antu
Subtitle: A.A Kais

Ami Bangladesh by RAJOTTO