Alli Davis – One In A Million (Produced by Haji)

Alli Davis is “One In A Million”, produced by Haji Springer.

Haji Springer, Bay Area Killa Kali based Desi emcee and super producer knows how to pick ’em!  His latest production of “One In A Million” is nothing short of dope with Alli Davis spitting that Valley Girl Swag.  A voice that will grab your attention, a striking look that turns heads and a personality that will make you smile, Alli Davis has stormed today’s pop music scene as an unstoppable force. Dubbed a “one stop shop” artist who can sing, write, dance, do hair & makeup, and style herself, Alli is the epitome of a new generation of talent. Her latest single, “One In A Million” is off her upcoming album exclusively produced by none other than Haji.