Ali Kulture – ‘Take Me Away’ – will put you in a Trance! #FridayKulture


#FridayKulture – Ali Kulture – Take Me Away

It’s been 9 weeks since we started the #FridayKulture series with Ali Kulture. This man’s on a roll, releasing 9 tracks so far on the #FridayKulture series! This has become a sort of routine habit for me to post a new Ali Kulture track once a week, and I enjoy doing this just because the songs that come out are so enjoyable to listen to.

Likewise, this week’s #FridayKulture is yet another sick track by Mr. Kulture where he takes the opportunity to preach some real Hip Hop to the listeners. The beat is nice and mellow, and so are the hooks. The smooth hooks actually put me in a trance a couple of times – & not in a bad way! Ali Kulture’s rap verses are on point, as usual. Over the past couple of months, his impeccable flow truly has turned me from “the dude who posts @MrKulture’s music” to a true fan! Good job, Ali, we should do something special for track #10 next week ;)

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