Ali Kulture Reps Virginia in this Week’s #FridayKulture


Listen to Ali Kulture – Virginia

Ali Kulture rips it up yet again with this week’s #FridayKulture. The Virginia-Desi rapper took the opportunity to represent his state & pay homage to Virginia with this single accurately titled – ‘Virginia‘. Every thing that Mr Kulture releases seems to touch the subject of experiencing life by the common man. This is why he’s quickly becoming very popular among Desi Hip Hop fans and listeners – everything he puts out through us gets hundreds of ‘Likes’ and Listens, and that’s because fans can relate to his realness.

In this week’s #FridayKulture, Ali expressed his regular life in Virginia as he lives it. It’s not a song about how many blings he’s got, and how many cars he’s driving around the streets of Virginia. It’s a song about his realest friends, his real life, about his struggles – and that is the true essence of Real Hip Hop. Check it out above, and let us know what you think!

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