Ali Kulture Raps about the ‘Way Out’ in new #FridayKulture


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Ali Kulture is back yet another Friday with his #FridayKulture series. This man works like clockwork! He vowed to me that he won’t miss a single Friday to release new music on. And, I love that kind of work ethic from artists. He doesn’t just release an unmixed ‘freestyle’ verse, or a quick verse worth about 1 minute of your time, but Mr. Kulture releases full blown songs perfectly mixed & mastered for Hip Hop fans to enjoy! Now THAT’s dedication!

In this week’s #FridayKulture, Ali Kulture rapped about more real life situations. This man spreads a true message through his music, and he continued that trend with this dope single. This is the true essence of real Hip Hop – poetry on a beat. Mr. Kulture takes that real essence of Hip Hop really seriously as he provides words of advice, and expresses experiences through his music. Check out the track above, and share your thoughts on this week’s #FridayKulture!