Ali Kulture: “Passion & Excitement Drew Me To Hip Hop”

Ali Kulture released one hell of a banger recently titled “American Dreamin'” which is getting a lot of attention. Our previous article about his song got more than 1.2K ‘Likes’ on Facebook, the video is blowing up, and he’s been featured on the radio, and on other websites like Worldstarhiphop! And rightly so, the song is dope!

The latest single off Ali Kulture’s newest project E.P.I.C [Every Piece I Create] titled “American Dreamin” featuring Young Gully & Amaar. The song defines the reality of what it takes striving for the American Dream – every artist vividly portrays their own point of view through personal trial and triumph.

So we decided to talk to the artist recently, and here’s how the interview went…



DHH: Your music video to ‘American Dreamin’ was dope! Tell us about the project and what it means to you as a Desi artist in the US.

Ali Kulture: Sincerely appreciate the love. We need more unity in our communities and i’m truly excited to be a part of DHH.

AliKulture2The project for “American Dreamin” represents what it is like to be a minority in this country striving for the American Dream. I talk openly about the reality of my life – the struggles of a single parent household migrating from Pakistan in search of a better future. I also talk about the importance of education in my life – regardless of my personal hardships and what i had to do from a monetary standpoint to keep my family afloat.

Being a desi artist in the U.S. is something that doesn’t immediately draw positive attention – it’s prone to various stereotypes, misrepresentations and judgments. My father was killed by the Taliban when i was two years old and it’s unfortunate when i hear derogatory terms like “sand nigga” and “terrorist” because for me – that really hits home. I was raised on the south side of San Jose, CA then moved to Falls Church, VA at the age of 16. Hip Hop has been a very big part of my life, everywhere i’ve been and everyone i grew up with.

“It was passion and excitement that drew me to hip hop but at this point it’s more like release therapy and an outlet for me to express myself.” – Ali Kulture


DHH: You’ve clearly been working on your music hustle for quite some time now. Tell us about your humble beginnings. 

Ali Kulture: Yea i’ve been at it for quite some time now – i started off on a $20 mic and a computer with a 512MB hard drive. I was making all the beats and eventually that computer overheated and caught fire – literally.

It was passion and excitement that drew me to hip hop but at this point it’s more like release therapy and an outlet for me to express myself. Maturing as an artist has been parallel to maturing into the man of my household, even though that title was technically given to me at age 2.

DHH: Growing up who inspired you the most?

Ali Kulture: That would definitely be Tupac from hip hop’s standpoint. I heard pac for the first time in 3rd grade and i was instantly hooked, i feel like his music was a large part of my childhood. I believe his music was positive and inspirational for a generation at the end of the day – it was more than hip hop. He stood for specific principles and ideas to make a change in people’s lives – i think hip hop is missing that these days.


DHH: What are your next plans with your music career?

Ali Kulture: I got a couple of big video’s planned out for the short upcoming future. My main focus is this album that i have been working on called E.P.I.C [Every Piece I Create], it’s about 85% done and i sincerely believe that it is my defining work as an artist. When i listen to the project its an autobiography of my life till this point. I can’t wait to release it for the people to hear.

“Lupe Fiasco is the last of the true emcees that attained mainstream success” – Ali Kulture

Ali Kulture with Imran Khan
Ali Kulture with Imran Khan

DHH: What would you like to accomplish within the next 5 years?

Ali Kulture: My biggest and most important goal is to continue to take care of my family and, God willing, to put them in an even more comfortable situation. Music is my outlet, my passion and my love, i would love to get it into the hands and ears of as many people throughout the world as possible.

DHH: Which artist would be a ‘dream collaboration’ for you?

Ali Kulture: A dream collaboration would be a tie between two artists that i would equally love to work with the same – Lupe Fiasco and 50 Cent. Even though they portray two different sides of hip hop i think their relevance and credibility within their own lanes is admirable. Lupe is the last of the true emcees that attained mainstream success and 50 Cent is someone i grew up listening to – and spoke to different things i was going through as a young man; so it would be a dream to be able to collaborate with them.


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