Ali Kulture – Imma Soldier – #FridayKulture Vol 2


Listen to Ali Kulture – Imma Soldier – #FridayKulture Vol 2

Ali Kulture is back with a bang with season 2 of his #FridayKulture series with! In this week’s #FridayKulture, Ali Kulture dropped “Imma Soldier”. Like most of Ali Kulture‘s music, this one was produced by EspeeAli Kulture also had a dope flow to the song as he expressed himself throughout the piece. Check it out above, and also check out the other tracks in the #FridayKulture series. This has become a sort of routine habit for me to post a new Ali Kulture track once a week, and I enjoy doing this just because the songs that come out are so enjoyable to listen to.

Btw, FridayKulture Vol 1 is coming soon on itunes, spotify, apple music, and everywhere you can think of!


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