Ali Kulture Drops First Single from the #FridayKulture Series

The First Single from the #FridayKulture series by Ali Kulture. “All or Nothing”


Ali Kulture is a talented artist, and we had a chance to experience his skills earlier in 2014 when he released ‘Waiting for Sunshine’ and ‘American Dreamin’‘. Now, the Desi rapper is back with a whole lot more for his worldwide fans in a music series called #FridayKulture, which basically means that he is going to release a new single every single Friday until further notice!


The first track in his #FridayKulture series is titled “All Or Nothing“. And, just like his previous singles, this one is also about real issues that effect everyone who is thriving to reach new heights in their lives. I found the song to be pretty dope and fun to listen to, above all, it motivated the heck out of me! What better way to start the new year than with a dope inspirational song to get you started on your New Year resolution? Check it out below, and share your thoughts with us!

Listen to Ali Kulture’s “All or Nothing” #FridayKulture