Ali Kulture brings back #FridayKulture Vol 2!


Listen to Ali Kulture – Take a Ride – #FridayKulture Vol 2

Stop. Take a breath. You smell that? Doesn’t smell like teen spirit. It smells like Real Hip Hop is back in YOUR playlist by Ali Kulture!

Mr Kulture is back with a bang with season 2 of his #FridayKulture series with! To kick things off, Ali Kulture invites you to take a ride with him and see things in his perspective. Like all of his other tracks, this one is a smooth track with a dope beat and some tight lyrical content. The man goes hard every week at the studio and creates products like these that Hip Hop heads like myself enjoy a lot! Take a look, have a sneak, and tell us what you think.

Btw, FridayKulture Vol 1 is coming soon on itunes, spotify, apple music, and everywhere you can think of!


Listen to #FridayKulture Vol 1