Aja Soni – Kraj Feat. Raxstar

Here we have the debut of Kraj who releases Aja Soni and features Raxstar, the UK English-Punjabi champion. The track is a banger and is released exclusively by T-Series. A groovy production, catchy lyrics and an awesome video make this a must check out.

Kraj makes a statement with this release and does so with the attitude of a boss. An all-black get up along with steaming women moving to the beat make up for an all star video. The lyrics of the track are simple and will resonate with most of the listeners making it a the track for summer ahead. Raxstar breaks the track down around 2 minutes and 20 seconds into the track.

you just need to tell me what you looking for,
trying to say that we are friends when people say it should be more

The composition of the track is wonderful and it does not follow the norms of a standard track, the track is uniformly unstructured. The back ground score has been done by GSONI and he has used various elements and fused them together in perfect ratio, he has put down something which is derived from a lot of electronic sounds but still sounds different from the other tracks in its genre.

As stated initially this is a really impressive debut for Kraj and hopefully we get to listen to more variety in terms of content and not just songs about girls and how to get their attention as most of the Punjabi music scene is currently involved in and has always been since the beginning of time.