Ah Murda Shouts Out to Desi Community in ‘Pop Bottles’ Remix


Ah Murda‘s latest single has a true message of ‘Unity thru HipHop’. The single is a remix of Lil Wayne’s “Pop Bottles”, and he uses the opportunity to give a shout out to Desis all over the world. From Pakistanis to Indians to Punjabis to Bengalis, he covers it all in this dope freestyle. I always enjoyed his style, and he showcased his true talents through his album with I-Sick titled ‘Poison’ released earlier this year. This particular freestyle, “Desi Swagg”, was recorded at newone’s studio – another Desi artist we’re looking forward to hearing more music from. Check out the song below, and share your thoughts on this one.

Listen to Ah Murda’s “Desi Swagg”