AH Murda Murders this Beat with an intense Freestyle!


AH Murda, the talented rapper from from Blazin Annex, just released a freestyle rap that murks every other freestyle artists out there. This New York rapper knows how to freestyle like a pro and does it right! With all the ‘fake’ freestyle sessions roaming around the internet, this is a breath of fresh air for a true Hip Hop fan like myself. And, guess what, he selected an old school beat that I can’t get enough of – Cypress Hill’s “How Could I just Kill a Man”. I don’t know about you but I appreciate Oldschool Hip Hop like Mother Teresa appreciates the Bible! AH Murda Murdered it just like he always does.

Ah Murda is an artist who is well known for his freestyling skills. While recording “Fresh & So Clean” he jumped in the studio and decided to have a go at it completely unprepared. The producer, Dee Corter, loved his freestyle verse so much that he decided to keep it! Yes, he’s THAT good. Now, all we need is a new album, am I right?

Listen  To Ah Murda Murder this beat – “Killen Spree”