Be afraid of my swag – Mc Ishux

Be afraid of my swag – Mc Ishux (Fuckin’ problems Freestyle Remix)

Be afraid of my swag-mc-ishux

Ishu singh chauhan a.k.a Mc Ishux, Have been rappin’ since he was 14 years old, He is a Lyricist and Producer too, Mc Ishux produce beats for himself only, He has worked with many different artists & a part of a famous rap crew Rap X Capsulez and member of a band called Smoke hunt, He is improving his Songs/Lyrics with each passing day and love experimenting and producing unpredictable music.

Be afraid of my swag’ freestyle rap, a lyricial bomb, tittle of the track just explains everything. this is for those who hate on me, and talkin’ shit bout my flow and lyrics, and said that i’ma immature, this is a Straightforward answer

Mc Ishux is back with a brand new lyrical beast, those who dissed me and said that i can’t rap in english, my rhymes are wack. This lyrical beast is for those, tellin em dat BE AFRAID OF MY SWAG

San Cha

Insane [Prod. Stimey Beats]

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