Adil Omar – Exploding Heart


Adil Omar‘s latest single is one for the fans. Within hours of its release, the song got heard by thousands of fans, and I know that’s just the beginning. The song is surely on its way to be the next big hit single by Adil Omar. And, rightly so. The song starts off very smooth, with an eerie feel to it. But Adil Omar’s rap vocals quickly take over your speakers as he expresses his feelings for his special lady. The drums… Oooh, the drums (yes, I had half an eargasm when the beat dropped), but seriously, the drums in this song can be described with ONE word, exceptional. The chorus also pulls you in and keeps you locked for the remaining 3 minutes of the song.  This song deserves to be shared, and I know you’ll be the one to hit share. Go ahead, Click that little blue button on the left, it’s that easy.

Listen to Adil Omar’s “Exploding Heart”