Adil Omar Collaborates with Blacklisted MC, Coolio, & Bizarre


Adil Omar‘s at it again with a new collaboration. It seems like this Pakistani rapper is on a mission to make his mark on the world by constantly releasing new music!

His latest collaboration was produced by Talal Qureshi, and features Coolio (from LA), Bizarre (from Detroit), Blacklisted MC (from London), and Uzimon (from Bermuda). This is the type of collaboration that makes Hip Hop such a unique genre. Name any other genre of music where you see artists from 5 different cities in one track! And, this is exactly why we believe that Hip Hop is something that can bring true unity among all people.

Listen to “Fuck the DJ” by Blacklisted MC feat. Adil Omar, Coolio, Bizarre, and Uzimon

The song is dope, the beat is sick, and there’s no reason for any Hip Hop fan to miss out on this one. The content is hilarious too. They claim that any one with a laptop can be a DJ nowadays, which is pretty true. DJs seem to be crawling out of every corner these days, and every night club seem to have some amateur DJ punching on his laptop to make the crowd dance.

As a DJ myself, I am a testament to how much hard work real DJing can really be. I’ve had years of sound engineering experience under my belt before I decided to DJ, and even then, I had to get a hold of the best turntables & equipment. I had to practice the best ways to mix music for hours at a time. And, when I started DJing at real shows consistently every week, is when I really learned the art of DJing and controlling the crowd. It takes years of practice & experience to master the skills required to DJ, and no one can do it in a short time! Unless of course, they are laptop DJs who kinda suck any way…

To sum it up, don’t be another Paris Hilton… Pleeeeaaasee!