Adil Omar weighs in on State Censorship in Latest Single #KholoBC

Adil Omar’s latest song is a satirical look at State Censorship in Pakistan. Something that all Desis can relate to one way or the other. It seems that all it takes is a little bit of political unrest and out goes YouTube and other media outlets in a similar fashion. I’m glad some artists finally decided to speak up about it.

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In KholoBC, Adil Omar linked up with comedian Ali Gul Pir and Talal Qureshi to make a memorable song for fans to share. InCahoots Films also did a great job at putting together the hilarious visuals. A song with a mission deserved a video that could go viral, and I think they hit the jackpot with this one!

Check out the video below, and be sure to do your part to express your views on state censorship!