Addy Nagar Rapping With Fans

Addy Nagar Rapping With Fans


Better known by his stage name Addy nagar, is an Indian rapper, entrepreneur and actor. Along with his Team, Addy nagar is the co-founder of OBC records , . Addy nagar is rated as Fastest indian Hindi rapper during his career. Along with fellow MR.RB(rapper) and Mr.Raj(singer) , Rapper nicks, Addy nagar was one of the first and most influential Community & Hard gangsta life based artists to achieve mainstream success.


Born in UP, Addy nagar moved to Delhi at age nine, where he began rapping. After a brief stint as a disc jockey , he released his debut album Fake world in 2011, which contained the singles heart ministry and “live your life”. In 2013, he released “Addyversal” , followed by Showtime which announced to be released in 2014. He took a more serious approach with his single tracks “ gurjar is king”, back in town(2013), and MY LOVE( 2013). His latest record, Gurjar is king, was released in 2013. As an actor, he has appeared in underground documentaries & his own music films .



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