Addy Nagar – High Bass


Addy Nagar – High Bass

Addy Nagar - High Bass

Addy Nagar has a very hard gangsta life past. He is known as the fastest Indian Hindi rapper in underground scene. He was born in a small town in UP and moved to New Delhi at the age of 9 and he started rapping after coming to Delhi. His first debut album Fake World was released in 2011. Addy got a serious approach in underground with his single tracks like “Gurjar Is King” , “Back In Town” etc. Addy Nagar is the co-founder of OBC records and has been featured in many underground documentaries and films released under the record label.
After taking a look at his new music video High Bass the viewer can see how good he is at rapping in Hindi with a little accent of UP. This is dope song and a must listen.

[youtube id=”zGA2v-cc-9Y” width=”600″ height=”350″]

“Bass High mere gaano mein, Aaja re aaja chore dum kitna tere kaano mein”


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