Aakha De Khab – S10


aakha de khab s10 artwork

Aakha De Khab is a song by S10. Track Title given by Harender Bhandari (Davic Harry) and when S10 heard about this title so he remember about his past life which mostly describe in the song and then we search for the beat we got one beat which is originally produced by mixla production. Like everybody knows that life has two type of stages(days) one is bad and second is good . This song shows you how your bad days goes and the struggle you are doing to survive in this rough world where even your love is not yours. each day you prepare yourself to face this relentless world and you have to win against them. This world is so rough that the guy standing next to you even though he is your brother, friend or lover they are looking for a way to betray you and to prevent that you have to be Cautious. Be happy and always inspired yourself so that you can face this rough world.

Song – Aakha De Khab
Artist – S10
Beat Produced by – Mixla Production
Song Recorded and Mix by – Davic Harry

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