A.C. – My Perspective EP


You know why we love AC here at DesiHiphop? ‘Cause this guy right here is a clued-up, straight talking G! And in times like these where the majority are too afraid to air their views, AC just doesn’t give a damn and for this, without a doubt, we just gotta respect him.  So download his latest EP “My Perspective” below and checkout the exclusive interview!

AC: Actor, YouTuber, part-time activist and most importantly to us, MC, has grafted hard his entire musical life, living the hiphop life the original underground way. Selling CD’s on the streets; touring the country and even the world performing at shows with small and large crowds; continually putting out new music for the fans and always working hard to gain more, AC knows exactly what the music and rap game is all about. But this is a guy that is also aware of the unjust ways of the world too, and is never afraid to express his opinion whether you’re listening or not. His brand new EP, ‘My Perspective’ demonstrates all which is mentioned and even more, which is why you definitely need to take a listen.

Formerly a part of the Mentor Kolektiv, a collection of musically talented individuals put together by Rishi Rich’s brother, Mentor, AC hit the Desi rap scene in a big way. You may remember him from the track ‘Broke’, a witty yet real tune which achieved a ‘Top 10’ on MTV Base and Channel U.

Now going solo again, AC still has a way with words that hits home in a hard way and that’s because he’s real, relatable and likeable all at the same time, making you want to sit up straight and pay attention.  The four-track EP ‘My Perspective’, available for free download, is a collection of songs where AC puts his opinion out on the world, people, the rap game and ‘friends’. It’s purely real talk from beginning to end and that is why we love it. We particularly enjoyed the title track produced by AC himself which is everything AC – letting the world know that this is him, his views, his perspective and nobody or nothing can change that, he’s just gonna keep on going. The other three songs, all produced by Otee the Scoundral, are just as good and delve a little deeper under AC’s surface allowing the listener to get to know the man behind the pretty face and the MC name a little more.

AC’s YouTube channel is continually causing a stir as he shares his views on the world in a very, ahem, upfront way. Be warned though, parental advisory is recommended! We’re sure his music will make as much of a stir too which is why you need to go on and download ‘My Perspective’ for free right now. Take a look at the world through AC’s eyes and through his music, and maybe you’ll be able to see his perspective just as clearly as we do.

Written by Sabah Ismail (@DQ1988)