What Do You Think A-List’s “Muck Fodi” is About?

“Muck Fodi,or Guck Fandhi, Thugs only, cannot trust hardly!” is a smart play on words by A-List in his single “Muck Fodi”. The track is a dope representation of the power of Hip Hop as A-List uses his rhymes to express himself completely. This is essentially the best feature of Hip Hop music – it gives a voice to the people. And this is the same reason that Hip Hop artists got targeted by politicians in the past. However, A-List, couldn’t care less about that, he’s out to express himself in the best possible way he can!

The song is full of smart metaphors and is quite a fun listen. Check it out below and share your thoughts on this one!

Listen to A-List’s “Muck Fodi”