Impact Of Internet And Digitalization On Hip-Hop


Hip-Hop was developed in the United States in 1970. Basically, hip-hop has five elements that are MCing/rapping, Djing, Breakdance, Beatboxing and Graffiti with the universal element being Knowledge. As a matter of fact, the genre got its recognition when block parties became…

Birthday Special – Meet The Guy Behind

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Hardik Dave might sound like a new name to you. Trust us, its not! In fact, Hardik has been dropping mixtapes from the time when audio cassettes were still a thing. Hardik, widely known as iQ or Guju Bhai, is an American-Indian from San Francisco, California. Furthermore, Guju Bhai played the role of store owner that you've seen in the video of Bohemia and Haji Springer's "Koi Ni Parwah". Yeah, now you know what's up!

Top 5 Desi Hip Hop artists to watch out for in 2016


Desi Hip Hop is slowly but surely gathering traction amongst the mainstream trends and these are the artists who are currently killing the game and also winning the hearts of thousands of new fans. Check it out, Below are the top 5…

Presenting the Brand New Desi Hip Hop

Featured started as a simple concept, a splash page with a sign up link for people to connect with our Founder, in what at the time, was a nascent desi hip hop scene with only a few players and even…