Bangla Mentalz – Koi Roila ft. DJ Sayem


Bangla Mentalz is back with a new one for their fans. The group recently entered the scene and released memorial songs like ‘Fande Poriya’  . And now, “Koi Roila” features the artists taking on the beat and rappin’ their hearts out….

Bangla Mentalz – Fande Poriya


We ran into this song earlier today and it was something we just had to post. The song’s chorus really gets you hooked, it’s got that special T-Pain feel to it. Which means that the little bit of Auto Tune…

Top 10 Songs of the Month!

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This month’s Top 10 voting list had so many dope songs that it was definitely a difficult one to decide. But, thanks to all our wonderful fans, we got more than 6000 votes in a matter of days, and the…