6 Secrets inspired by Hip Hop That Will Change the World (& You)

We all want to change the world. Don’t we? We constantly talk to friends about ways that things could be different, or better. We constantly think about how businesses, governments, and other people ‘suck’! We judge everything, everywhere, all the time. But, we rarely do anything about it. Most people sit around, watch TV, and complain about everything around them. But, very few take the steps forward to make a difference. Hip Hop is a genre that dared to think outside the box, dared to go against the mainstream, and succeeded at changing the world. There’s a LOT we can learn from the struggles of Hip Hop, the genre, and from the struggles of Hip Hop artists worldwide.


Here are the Top 6 secrets, inspired by Hip Hop, that can change your life, the world you live in, and the world around you!

6. Be The Change You Want to See

This has been said time & time again! Yet, people forget this basic value that has been repeatedly spread throughout humanity, generation after generation. From Hinduism, to Buddhism, to Islam, to Christianity, almost ALL major religions expressed this point. And, so did Hip Hop!

change_the_world_typography_by_mattedson-d3ctj02When Russell Simmons inaugurated the first Hip Hop record label, no one wanted to work with him. Everyone said that Hip Hop would never grow into anything, and Music Industry professionals decided that it’s not worth the effort to invest in a Hip Hop label. He became the change that was required, and he started it any way. Inspired by his motivation, Rick Rubin (the producer of big names like Metallica, Kanye West, and Eminem’s upcoming album), joined forces and partnered with Russell Simmons to officially start ‘Def Jam Recordings’. Likewise, if you believe in a change or a positive movement, BE that change, BE that movement. You will inspire others to join your efforts and make a positive change with you.

5. Never Stop Pushing!

If Hip Hop isn’t a good example of this, I don’t know what is! If the early Hip Hop artists stopped pushing and got discouraged to follow their dreams, then our music today would be totally different.

All you can do is handle it, worst thing you can do is panic
Use it to your advantage, avoid insanity manage
To conquer, every obstacle, make impossible possible
Even when winning’s illogical, losing is still far from optional

T.I. – No Matter What


4. Be a Leader

In the early ’70s, when DJ Kool Herc was messing around with music on his turntables, he used to drop looped beats during his sessions. He wasn’t trying to emulate the other DJs on the “top music charts”, or trying to follow other people. He was just following his heart, and look what that brought the world – HIP HOP! Looking back at the artists who first came out with their music back in the day, they had no one to ‘follow’ or nothing that told them what Hip Hop should be like. They just did what they did, and they believed in themselves. This required a whole lot of leadership. Leadership like this brings good things into the world.

[youtube id=”Hw4H2FZjfpo” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Follow your heart, be a leader, and you will make a difference!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to be Yourself.

Hip Hop artists, especially during the birth of the genre, always stood out. And they did so because they were not following others, they were being unique by being themselves. They were not following trends, or what’s “hot”, they were just following their heart, and their music.

If this thing is not afraid of being itself, I don't think anyone should!
If this thing is not afraid of being itself, I don’t think anyone should!

Nowadays, that’s very difficult to see with everyone trying to fit into some sort of trend, stereotype, or ‘socially-accepted’ way of being. People are afraid to be themselves because they fear being unique and stand out from the rest. I don’t understand why! We are all unique individuals in this world, if we don’t showcase wha
t makes usunique, how will we ever progress? Think about job interviews, you are more likely to advance to the next stage if the interviewer remembers your uniqueness. If you behave, talk and act just like the rest of the fools applying, no one will ever remember the 10 minute interview you had! So, please, be unique, be yourself, stand out for once!


2. Live with a Higher Purpose

It’s sometimes hard to see this concept showcased in modern-day Hip Hop. With songs about jewels, bling-a-lings, and the hottest girls money can buy, Hip Hop might have turned away from some of its modest roots. However, this concept can be easily showcased by groups such as the Universal Zulu Nation, started by one of the pioneers of Hip Hop, Afrika Bombaata.higher

The idea is to live life for the greater good of all. Live with a higher purpose than just for yourself. Have goals to achieve that will not only help you progress in life, but uplift your family, your society, your people, your country. To many, living for a higher purpose may mean living a life based on religious values, to others it may be based on other concepts. Whatever it is, ask yourself the right questions, and you will get the right answers. The right answers will help you live your life for the greater good for all. And if you’re not sure about some of the answers, read, read, and read!

1. Raise your Voice!

raiseHip Hop has great examples of people raising their voice for a cause, or against things that effect humanity and/or the society as a whole. This is what makes Hip Hop so unique. Songs like “F**k the Police” by NWA, and “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas, talk about things that most people do not like to share. It is important to raise your voice about the right, and about the wrong. Your voice has strength, and influence. Your voice can change the world.

Now, it’s your turn to Raise your Voice, and share your thoughts.

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