5298 – Epitome of Treasure (Tribute to Knuckle Dusta)


5298 released their another single titled ‘Epitome of Treasure‘ from the album. We had a brief conversation with Red Rapters regarding this song and this is what he has to say about the track & his team mates.

“This is second track from 5298, Its a tribute to Knuckle Dusta. First of all 5298 is inspired by Knuckle Dusta. His influence works as a boon for our efforts. Plus I want you guys to know something that the whole upcoming mixtape will have a cover art of Knuckle Dusta. As we all know that the day he dies was a biggest doomsday in Indian underground. We won’t keep alive that kinda legacy but our major concern is to bring the spotlight on 5298 that how Knuckle is still alive for 5298 and for everyone.
As you all know the main motive of this track is to bring tribute to Knuckle, but the next motive is to keep the artist’s dream alive under his eyes. So to motivate every artist from streets we come up with something like that. The name Epitome of Treasure suggest two things first Knuckle is Treasure and the second thing is every artist either he’s dope or not but still he’s a perfect example of Treasure.”